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Home automation system for controlling the lights/blinds etc...

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I have implemented a home automation system designed to streamline the control of various room functionalities, including blinds, lighting, and air conditioning. This system offers both manual and automatic control options. Manual control can be achieved through a dedicated mobile application or a web interface.

Github links:
Here is a 1min video demonstrating it https://youtu.be/tOnSqNN54eE (sorry for the music)

The automatic control aspect is facilitated through a user-friendly graphical interface, which enables the creation of rules for the system. For instance, rules can be established to trigger actions based on external factors such as light levels outside, time of day, or indoor temperature. This results in dynamic responses, such as opening the lights when the outdoor light level falls below a specified threshold between 6:00 PM and midnight, or activating the air conditioning when the indoor temperature exceeds a predefined threshold.

The core components of this project include Arduino microcontrollers programmed in C++ and integrated with MQTT communication. The MQTT server, which orchestrates communication between the Arduinos, is hosted on a home server as part of my homelab infrastructure. Additionally, a Node.js-based backend serves as the central command hub for the entire system, overseeing automation tasks, monitoring and updating the status of Arduino devices, and facilitating communication with client applications.

This project underscores a holistic and versatile approach to home automation, combining hardware and software components to create a seamless and intuitive user experience.