🏛️ Council Plus


✨ What Is This?

A comprehensive application that optimizes London council operations by enhancing efficiency, enabling citizens to report issues like missing trash, and empowering council members to manage tasks across departments.

🔍 Project

This project entailed serving a prominent London council with the crucial task of optimizing council operations. The application was designed to foster efficiency, both internally among council employees and externally in interactions with the local community. Notable functionalities included the ability for citizens to report missing trash, council members to initiate tasks across various departments.

I was entrusted with the task of taking over a project that was halfway complete, and my role was to bring it to successful fruition. On the frontend(vue.js), I meticulously resolved issues pertaining to permissions, ensuring that users could only access screens that were relevant to their roles. Furthermore, I expanded the software's capabilities by introducing new sections to enhance its utility.

On the mobile front, I meticulously developed and integrated mobile stores, thus improving the user experience and making the application more user-friendly on mobile devices.

In the backend side(expressjs with javascript), I tackled intricate database transaction and migration issues and introduced features to define geographical boundaries and incorporate map files. I also addressed permissions issues in a thorough manner, granting users within different departmental hierarchies appropriate access to tasks.

In summary, I played a pivotal role in completing this project by enhancing and extending the functionalities of its frontend, mobile, and backend components. This led to the creation of a secure, efficient, and professional council management system that met the project's parameters.