📝 Paragraph Writer


✨ What Is This?

An ai writing assistant/actors to talk to.

🔍 Project

I was actively involved in the development of the backend and Chrome extension components for an AI-powered chat application, accessible via the following link: https://gptalk.co. My primary responsibility encompassed the deployment and hosting of the application, which I efficiently executed by leveraging Kubernetes on the Digital Ocean platform.

For the backend(Nodejs, Typescript), I implemented streaming responses from OpenAI to cater to the needs of our diverse client base, including iOS users and extension users. Furthermore, I played a pivotal role in the creation and refinement of a wide array of AI prompts designed to enhance the application's functionality. These prompts covered various aspects such as summarization, tone analysis, text length adjustments, and language translations, all facilitated by our AI capabilities.

Additionally, I contributed to the development of distinct AI actors, each possessing unique conversational characteristics. This comprehensive approach aimed to provide our users with a more personalized and engaging chat experience.