🏥 Medigalen


✨ What Is This?

An online meeting platform for connecting health professionals with patients.

🔍 Project

This project represented a visionary startup endeavor that, unfortunately, did not achieve its intended success. It aimed to establish a web platform facilitating the seamless connection between healthcare professionals and patients seeking online consultations.

My role encompassed the complete development of the product, commencing with the construction of the backend infrastructure using Node.js and TypeScript, followed by the creation of the frontend using React. The database was powered by PostgreSQL.

Within the backend domain, my primary focus revolved around the implementation of appointment scheduling, robust authentication mechanisms, diverse notification systems, and the deployment of a video conferencing solution to enable online medical meetings.

On the frontend, we adopted a pre-designed template as our foundation, and my responsibilities included customizing and tailoring this template to suit our specific use case.