🖼️ Unblur


✨ What Is This?

An ios application that takes in photos to be unblured.An iOS application designed to enhance and clarify blurry photos by using advanced image processing techniques.

🔍 Project

This project entailed the development of an iOS application designed to enhance user-submitted images by rectifying blurriness and improving resolution. My role primarily involved the development of backend systems using Node.js (TypeScript), Python and Kubernetes.

The AI engine powering this system was authored in Python, responsible for processing tasks retrieved from a job queue. The scalability of Kubernetes nodes was dynamically managed in response to the queue's workload, allowing for efficient resource allocation.

User requests were processed by a Node.js (TypeScript) backend, which orchestrated the entire image enhancement process. This involved the initiation of user photo uploads to a designated storage bucket, followed by the enqueuing of enhancement tasks. Once the image enhancement was complete, the backend facilitated the delivery of the enhanced image to the user.