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React Native

✨ What Is This?

A face changer ai application that can swap faces in videos/images.

🔍 Project

I played a key role in an AI face changer project at https://whatifapp.co, with expertise in Node.js, TypeScript, Next.js (with Tailwind CSS), React Native, and Expo (with TypeScript and NativeWind).

The project's main goal was to create a robust AI backend for seamless face swapping in both images and videos, complete with facial recognition. I developed a face detection algorithm in Python, hosted on Runpod with GPU scaling. Additionally, I handled the backend's credit system, implemented a fault-tolerant S3 media upload process, and set up real-time results using long-polling.

The mobile app posed challenges, especially when integrating WhatsApp stickers. I crafted a custom library and allowed users to add swapped media to their sticker collection. My contributions extended to various app pages.

The project was deployed on Kubernetes with autoscaling, and I implemented a background worker for queue/cron jobs (image scaling, notifications, etc.).

Security was a priority. I established secure webhooks for third-party services like RevenueCat, Stripe, and Runpod. Caching using Redis optimized system performance.

In summary, my role encompassed backend, frontend, and mobile development, integrating advanced AI technologies, and ensuring a resilient system architecture. This project delivered a cutting-edge face-changing application.